SR General Construction is a licensed organization that specializes in multi-location light commercial 

construction on a national level.


From consultation to occupancy, we offer industry experienced project management that understands the importance of scheduling, cost-control, and communication.

On Time. On Budget. Zero Punch.


We take our time to gather the correct information so that your project goes smoothly.


Initial planning before a project is crucial to ensuring that things are completed on-time and on-budget.


No designer on your team? We can set you up with drawings and plans of your space so you can fully visualize your design.


Coordination and communication are the key to getting the job done right the first time.


With over 30 years of industry knowledge, SR General Construction has provided nationwide service. Why would you hire us? We go the extra mile, we think like we are in your shoes and process how a project should run from top to bottom. We want to be your solution for retail, restaurant, military and office schedules. We want to be a one stop shop and operate like we are part of your team. Communicating everything you need to make your projects run perfectly. 



For businesses, restaurants, retailers and offices seeking a renovation of their existing interior, SRGC is your best solution! We have estimators on our team to weed out the stressful architectural bidding process to provide a cost effective solution to your construction needs. We offer the flexibility to work around your needs and time constraints in order to get you back to the business of doing business!


We understand many tenants are contractually obligated to strip their designs when moving out of a business space. We can effectively aid you in reverting your space back to its original form to leave a blank slate for the next tenant.


To enrich your business cosmetically, we offer refresh options. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint, additional graphics, revamped lighting, new wallpaper, new flooring placement or other needs, we will keep all design elements to create a value engineered project. We’ll work alongside your team to blend cohesively.


Handling many tasks at once is an aspect of our job that is expected - and we believe with our highly skilled group of project managers, we can provide assistance in communicating with our clients to consistently meet their needs. We are with you from project launch to completion



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Jill Kraszewski - Managing Partner

What first gave you the "construction bug"? In high school, I elected to go to a technical school for AUTOCAD and loved it. What's your favorite kind of project to tackle? I’ve always asked for bigger and bigger challenges. I love organizing projects, teams, and processes . My mind automatically thinks about how a customer is going to utilize the space and how I can help improve/perfect the build out to make sure it works great.